Treasure Hunt

The best Moodle's module for creating outdoor adventures by using mobile devices

Play an activity

Start the game

Inside your Moodle course, go into the Treasure Hunt activity that has been prepared by your teacher and in the main screen click on they Play button. It will appear the interface you should use to find out the treasure. To begin the game, place yourself within the marked area on the map and validate your location.

Follow the clues

In the left side pane, you will find the last clue discovered by you or one of your teammates. The map will show all the location attempts corresponding to each clue. Overcome stages will be shown in green colour while the failed attempts will be shown in red colour.

Validate your location

Once you are sure of the location of a stage of the game, you must send your location (in case of game in movement) or the desired position marked over the map (in case of game without displacement) to check if you are right. If the stage has a QR code, you will be able to validate that you are in the correct place by scanning the code with the back camera of your mobile phone.

Place your objective in an easy way

The map has two different display modes: aerial map and street map. Choose the one that best suits your needs. It also has a location finder where you can enter the desired address so the map will be centred on it.

Unlock the stages

If your teacher decided to add activities (one simple question, make a delivery, etc.) you must complete them to unlock the next stage and, in case it’s not the final stage, get a new clue.

Check your progress

You can check your attempts’ history by clicking on the information button. You can also do it from the initial screen of the activity. Furthermore, from this page you will be able to compare your progress with your partners progress.