Treasure Hunt

Create outdoor, indoor and desktop adventures by using mobile devices in Moodle


What is treasure hunt?

It is a module for Moodle platform that allows organizing outdoor, indoor and desktop games with students. The game consists in finding emblematic places or objects following a series of clues previously created by the organizer. It allows you to recreate different routes or paths to be followed, consisting of a series of stages. Each stage consists of a location on the map and one or more clues that provide the description to find the next stage of the path. Moreover, it is possible to set extra conditions for the resolution of a stage so the user can move forward in the game. Once the final stage is completed, the player finds out the “treasure”, so at that time the game ends.

Maps can be created using common web maps (Open Street Map), WMS layers or a custom image.


For whom is it focused?

This module is mainly intended for teachers and students who are at the University or in secondary education, where they have a Moodle platform available through which the students are able to access the activities proposed by the teachers.

Maps can be created using common web maps (Open Street Map), WMS layers or a custom image.


Why should you use it?

It provides the possibility of combining teaching out beyond the restrictions of the classroom, at the same time that it broadens the motivation and enthusiasm of the teachers as well as the students. Furthermore, the nuance of the game can take a competitive character that encourages the students to get involved at the same time that it allows to provide values like collaboration when the game mode is by groups. It also provides a rich pedagogical potential that includes largely exploratory and research learning, also taking into account the benefits it provides as a physical outdoor activity.
The broad range of possibilities makes this module suitable for almost any learning circunstance. If outdoor activity is not practical, indoor (QR-codes) or image-map-based treasure hunts can be easily configured.


Designed for Moodle

Treasure Hunt has been developed and integrated as a module for Moodle, the largest e-learning platform in the world.

It integrates with other activities (check completion of some activity before continuing the treasure hunt) and grade-book.  

Multiplatform Web and Mobile App

Treasure Hunt is a web-based application, so you can access from any device without needing to download any native application.

Treasure Hunt is compatible with the Moodle Mobile App

Check your progress

Follow the history of attempts and compare your progress with the rest of participants.


You can create individual/group activities, moving (using GPS technology or QR codes)/ without moving (selecting the desired position on the app), real-world or custom image maps and select among the different grading methods.

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